About Us

9 Lives Orphanage is a newly established kitten shelter, designed to help the large number of homeless and abandoned kittens born in Auckland each year. We are working closely with larger already established rescue groups to provide loving, forever homes for these special kittens, as well as educating people on the risks and responsibilites of pet ownership.

Contact Us

For any queries please contact us by email at 9livesorphanage@gmail.com.

How can you help?

Approximately 1 Million kittens are born each year in Auckland alone and thousands of those fall victim to an early death from starvation or disease. The reproductive potential of a single female cat and the female offspring she produces is estimated at 3,200 kittens. The potential for a male is way beyond that. With your help, we hope to reduce those numbers as well as educating our community about the effects of not de-sexing your cats. We are always in need of donations to provide food and medicine for the kittens we have in our care. Please have a look at our donations page if you can help in any way.


As well as preventing over population, there are many benefits of de-sexing your cat such as, they are less likely to fight which reduces the risk of infections and diseases such as feline aids. There is less chance of spraying and territory marking. It can also prevent roaming which decreases the risk of injuries caused by cars or dogs. They are likely to be more settled, happier and healthier which means less vet trips for you, which saves a lot of money in the long run.