We regularly update our Facebook albums with pictures and information on all the cats and kittens we currently have available for adoption and preadoption. Check out the links below and see if your new family member is waiting for you.

Available for adoption

Check out our Facebook page for all the cats and kittens currently available for adoption. We include bios of our furbabies so you can find the right match.

Available for preadoption

Check out our Facebook page for all the cats and kittens currently available for preadoption. These guys aren't ready for adoption yet, but you can place a deposit to hold them as yours.

Adoption Criteria

To make sure our cats and kittens find their purrfect forever home, we have an adoption criteria which must be met for an adoption to take place. We also have contracts which must be signed by the new owner, and the foster parent on behalf of the charity.

Below is a list of questions we will ask when you get in contact with us, along with an explanation of why we are asking them.

  • Must be over 21. This is to ensure the new owner is fully aware of the responsibility and commitment they are taking on. Cats can live for 20 years, so it must be a well considered decision to take one on. Pets are forever.
  • Must be a New Zealand citizen or resident. The last thing we want to see is our beautiful cats being returned because their owner’s visa has expired and they are not willing to take their furbaby with them.
  • Do you rent or own your own home? If you rent, we must have written Landlord’s permission to have a cat. This is to limit the number of cats we see rehomed due to rental agreements not permitting them.
  • Does the house hold agree on an adoption? We want to make sure that everyone is on board with a new cat. Especially if we are in contact with someone under the age of 21. In such a case, a parent or guardian (over 21) will need to be the one to sign the adoption agreement.
  • Do you have any other pets? Getting a new pet can be stressful on existing family members. If we can learn about your existing pets, we can better match a personality type to limit the stress for the family.
  • Do you have any children? If so, how old? We have a variety of different foster parents and many of them have children. If you have children in your household, we will encourage you to consider our cats and kittens who are used to living with young humans.  
  • How soon can you adopt? We have a constant flow of cats and kittens needing to come into our care. If we can estimate when adoptions will take place, we can better manage our placements in foster homes.
There are more questions asked on the adoption contract, please ask for a copy before your adoption meeting if you want to learn more.

Do you already have pets? We have much information on how to introduce your new cat or kitten to your house hold, and any existing family members you may have, even the furry kind. So just ask your foster parent for more information or download our helpful guides if required. *Please be aware, though we do have some experience introducing new cats and kittens to other cats and dogs, we are not trained animal behaviourists. If you are at all concerned please contact your local veterinarian for advice.


Adoption Fees

We have an adoption fee for a number of reasons. It discourages non committed people from adopting a pet as it is asking for a financial commitment upfront. Remember, if you can’t afford the adoption fee, how will you afford vet visits? It also recovers some of the money that we spend on the kitten, allowing us to continue saving cats in need. 

Our adoption fee for a kitten is $220. This covers multiple costs as outlined in ‘What does your fee pay for?’. An adult cat is $120. This is because most of the adult cats that come into our care are already desexed. But we will give them a general health check, flea and worm treatments and insert/register their mircrochip. 

What does your fee pay for?